Recruitment partner for various business establishment

Business sentiment has greatly improved, with a renewed optimism from organization for growth opportunities that are set to increase hiring activity. Organizations that are proactive in developing their recruitment strategies and planning will be better positioned to build a sustained advantage over their competitors.

Organizations across Indonesia and Asia are fiercely competing the attract talent to achieve their growth goals. The ability to recruit not just good, but the best staff has become a critical factor for business success. However, developing recruitment plans and managing the process can often be overwhelming for internal teams to execute quickly and effectively.

BCMI HR solutions recruitment services are designed for one thing – to help you find the best people that match the skills, experience, and culture requirements of your organization. Our proven recruitment process consistently attracts and selects outstanding candidates.

Our team of dedicated recruitment consultants based in Jakarta have assisted some of the most successful organizations in Indonesia with their recruitment, workforce planning, and HR consulting needs. It’s this level of expertise and service that sets us apart. We’ve been at the forefront of recruitment solutions in Indonesia, delivering the best staff, on time.

Whether you need to find top talent or a consulting solution for managing your business and resourcing challenges, BCMI HR solutions is here to assist you. Or if you are a professional in search of exciting job opportunities, you can apply here.

Why Choose BCMI HR solutions as Your Recruitment Agency?

Our highly experienced, specialized recruiters know the Indonesia and Jakarta recruitment market well. They are regularly in touch with candidates and decision makers, staying abreast of movements in the market and candidate expectations. At all times you will be assured of our knowledge and expertise throughout our relationship.

Outstanding Sourcing Capability

We specialize in engaging the most effective areas of the job market to fill positions, including passive candidates who are not actively looking for job. We go beyond the usual recruitment advertising methods by develop industry-wide relationships with candidates who help to connect us with the right talent pools.

Exceptional Service

When working with us you will be assigned a dedicated recruitment consultant that specializes in your industry. Your success is our success – we work hard to find the very best candidates that will contribute to the long-term growth of your organization.

Global Reach and Partnerships

Our connection with other global recruitment organizations to access the best recruitment technology and skills needed to find the right candidate. Wherever your perfect candidate may be, one of our recruitment consultants will not be far away.


Many candidates will only be in the market for a short period of time, giving a small window of opportunity to generate and maintain interest in a role. We also know that vacant jobs in an organization will slow its growth. We therefore work with urgency, without compromising quality, to deliver results, fast.