Job Vacancy

Architecture / Engineering

BCMI HR solutions serves the needs of the Architectural and Engineering community worldwide. Our team of highly skilled professionals can assist Architectural and Engineering firms vertically at all levels within their organizations. Our network of A&E professionals spans the country and we can offer international recruitment and networking abilities to help companies gain exposure to the best talent available. We constantly update and replenish our database to insured our clients have access to the best quality individuals. Our efforts can be tailored to meet the needs of any size firm.wn text

Logistics & Supply Chain

BCMI HR sollutions is one of Indonesia’s premier search firms in supply chain. Our focus includes supply chain, physical distribution, logistics and transportation. Clients include manufacturers, distributors, retailers and carriers – ground, air, rail and ocean – both in the Indonesia and elsewhere. Our goal is partnership. Our process is based on building long-term relationships with exceptional leaders and with companies who embrace change as well as valuing their most important asset: people.


BCMI HR solutions serves the needs of clients who own, operate, build or develop facilities in the regulated and non-regulated markets. We strive to assist firms moving forward in a growing and diversifying marketplace.
BCMI HR solutions has built an international reputation for excellence by developing key interviewing/listening skills. We hear not only what you say, but also what you mean. And this allows us to create cost-effective recruiting strategies, which produce quality candidates with the right cultural fit for the client’s organization.
We will find the solution you seek utilizing individually, or in combination, the following resources:
  • Our extensive database
  • Industry networking
  • Advertising/internet
  • Specialist search techniques
BCMI HR solutions provides personnel and offering workforce solutions mainly to the Petrochemical, Onshore/Offshore Oil and Gas and Construction Industries.